Fall 2017
Gifts at Work

What happens in Minnesota matters to the world

Philanthropy at the University of Minnesota touches the world in thousands of ways. Here are just a few examples of its impact. 


MINNESOTA: Many projects that are changing the world got their start at the University of Minnesota. Photo by Brady Willette


MEXICO: U of M students designed and created uniforms for middle school students in Mexico through Design Global Outreach, a favorite class project. Photo by Warren Bruland


GALAPAGOS ISLANDS: Distinguished McKnight Professor George Heimpel is studying ways to control organisms that are fatal to the finches that furthered Darwin’s theory of evolution.


SPAIN: Top destination for students who earn credit learning abroad. Last year, 296 students from all U of M campuses studied there. Here, students explore Segovia, Spain. Photo courtesy of the Learning Abroad Center


MOROCCO: The Department of Asian Language and Literature recently began offering a major in Arabic studies; Morocco is one place where students can go to become more fluent.


ICELAND: In February 2017, Professor Aaron Doering trekked across 137 miles of Arctic wilderness documenting stories on how we find strength and purpose. Photo courtesy of LT Media Lab


UGANDA: As participants in the Uganda Research Training Collaborative, these student researchers from the U and Makerere University are trying to improve lung function and quality of life among people who overcame drug resistant tuberculosis. Photo by Museruka Emmanuel


CHINA: The U has had a longstanding relationship with China, with the first students from that country arriving in 1914. There have been more than 10,000 Chinese alumni since then. U of M students also travel to China to study and learn about the culture. Photo by Tyler McKean


SOUTH KOREA: Several current and former Gopher women’s hockey team members will play for Team USA and Team Canada in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeyongchang. Forward Dani Cameronesi is one of them. Photo by Brad Rempel/Gopher Athletics


OUTER SPACE: University of Minnesota Duluth alumna Burcin Mutlu-Pakdil discovered a new Hoag-type galaxy. Photo by Valerie Coit


ANTARCTICA: The U’s Polar Geospatial Center works with researchers on mapping and other projects in remote locations, including Antarctica. Photo of Victoria Valley, Antarctica, courtesy of the Polar Geospatial Center


AUSTRALIA: The U’s Solar Vehicle Project team drove its latest solar-electric car in the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge across the Outback. The car, Eos II, was one of five in its class to finish the race. Photo by Rhonda Zurn