Spring 2019

Working for workers

Photo courtesy of Sarah Gong

When Sarah Gong arrived at the U’s Carlson School of Management as a freshman, she planned to major in finance, accounting, or information systems management, then work her way up the corporate ladder. She thought others could do the same if they worked hard enough. 

As she met students from various backgrounds, she realized some had faced obstacles she and her family hadn’t because of race.  

Gong’s goals began to change. She decided she instead wanted to ensure workers’ rights are protected. “I realized if I benefit from privilege, I should use it for the better,” she says. She’s now pursuing a double major in public and nonprofit management and in human resources and industrial relations. 

A junior and multi-year recipient of the David R. and Shirley A. Hubers Undergraduate Scholarship, Gong knows what help from others can mean. For one thing, it’s motivated her to stay in school when she’s felt discouraged. And the Scholarly Excellence in Equity and Diversity Award she recently received provided affirmation that the issues she cares about matter to others as well.